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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rulesplaying Vs Roleplaying.

I've noticed at the Exeter University Games Society, which meets Sunday afternoon/evenings that there are two groups of Dungeons and Dragons players with two distinct styles.
I know some out there would scoff at the use of D&D when considering this, and to an extent I agree that it's not a system overly designed for roleplaying, but, it's also a commonly used and enjoyed game so.. comparison.

The Roleplayers.
Duncan's group, consisting mainly of university students, play a much more roleplay oriented game.
Duncan has written a lot of material, mixing specific classes from supplementary books with some of his own and excluding a few of the base classes. He has added ideas for backgrounds and such, so that what you r character is much more defined in roleplay terms.
Further to this, the style of play is much more focussed on what the characters do rather than on the rules and such. This means the game is furthered much more by the character choices and personality the player has decided upon.

The Rulesplayers.
This is another group mainly made of non-students, but there are a couple within the group. From what I've observed, the group play much more based upon the rules within the books, following them exactly and thinking about situations brought up by the GM based upon what rules they can use, rather than considering their character's personality. True.. this is somewhat how the game is geared, including rules for anything the player comes up with. Well.. most things.

Both styles have play have merits. The ropleplay style caters more for the intended spirit of the game. The rulesplay style means that what can and can't be done is more defined.

Personally.. I prefer the roleplay style.. but the ruleplay can be interesting.

Was wondering though what others here think? Do both styles cross to other rpgs?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well.. Mat asked me to join up, and Mark (Mapp) sent me an invite, so I guess I'd better say hello. I'll more than likely be covering some form of column in the roleplaying area, not entirely sure what yet.. or (if you like the idea Mat) I may post some columns on board/non CCG card games.
We'll have to see.. exams and such allowing.